How to switch EPG styles on ATV IPTV?

ATV IPTV offers a diverse range of EPG styles to enhance your viewing experience. By default, the EPG is activated, but if you wish to explore different EPG styles, this article provides comprehensive guidance. Delve into our video tutorial and detailed screen capture guide for step-by-step instructions on how to switch between the three distinct EPG options.


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What is EPG?

The EPG is a guide to electronic programming. The main role of EPG is to use the menu provided by EPG to choose their favorite broadcast channel. Choose their favorite video programs and check IPTV for information on life, entertainment, and sports. Users can also order their favorite programs using the menu provided by EPG. Users can also order their favorite programs using the menu provided by EPG. Users can also order their favorite programs using the menu provided by EPG.

About ATV IPTV EPG Guide

The ATV IPTV has three EPG styles: Grid EPGClassic EPG, and Normal EPG. The default is ordinary EPG, and you can choose the EPG style according to your own style.

  1. Grid EPG:
    • Provides a clear timetable with time as the primary axis, allowing users to easily view program times and channels.
    • Facilitates browsing of program information across multiple channels, enabling quick switching to desired channels.
    • Displays program information for multiple channels simultaneously, aiding in the comparison and selection of programs.Grid-EPG-1
  2. Classic EPG:
    • Presents program listings in a list format, allowing users to browse channels and program information one by one.
    • Offers detailed program descriptions, genres, cast information, and ratings, helping users make informed choices.
    • May include additional metadata such as posters, trailers, and related links, providing richer information.Classic-EPG-2
  3. Normal EPG:
    • Features a simple and intuitive interface design, making it easy to use and navigate.
    • Provides basic program information, including program names, times, and channels, meeting users’ basic program information needs.
    • May be more suitable for users with simpler program requirements who only focus on basic information.Normal-EPG-3

In short, subscribing to ATV IPTV to get the EPG TV guide on the service is your best bet. It provides 3 modes of EPGs for you to watch live TV. Enhance your viewing experience. No matter which one you choose, it will be your superior choice.

How to use EPG Grid on ATV IPTV

The default TV Guide format for the ATV App is Normal EPG. Follow these steps to switch to a Grid EPG for your IPTV subscription.

  1. Open the ATV App.
  2. Navigate to the home screen and click on “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Grid EPG” in the Channel List Mode.
  4. Go to the live channel, click OK and you will see that TV Guide has switched to Grid EPG.

Notice: If you want to switch, follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Why doesn’t my IPTV subscription have the Grid EPG?

The ATV App offers different features as you subscribe to different IPTV packages and install and use them on different devices. See the table below for details.

Grid EPGClassic EPGNormal EPG
ATV App (STB Version)×
ATV App (PAD Version)××
ATV Plus App (STB Version)
ATV Plus App (PAD Version)××
Sub-Device App (STB Version)
Sub-Device App (PAD Version)××

Explore your favorite programming channels on IPTV ATV with on-demand streaming. IPTV ATV offers a stable stream, high-quality channels with zero freezing, and clear pictures. New users can enjoy a 3-day iptv free trial before subscribing to IPTV, allowing you to experience our service and determine if it meets your needs.

Which IPTV providers offer EPG

Many IPTV providers offer an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) as part of their service, although the availability and quality of the EPG may vary depending on the provider. Here are a few popular IPTV providers that offer EPG:

  • ATV IPTV: Provides three EPG modes: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, normal EPG
  • IPTV Smarters: This is a popular IPTV provider that offers a comprehensive EPG with detailed program information and schedules.
  • Helix IPTV: This provider offers a high-quality EPG with support for multiple languages and time zones.
  • Vader Streams: This provider offers a customizable EPG with advanced features like program reminders and program filtering.
  • Beast TV: This provider offers a simple but effective EPG with easy-to-navigate menus and program information.
  • Epicstream: This provider offers a clean and easy-to-use EPG with detailed program information and an intuitive user interface.
  • Nitro TV: This provider offers a comprehensive EPG with detailed program information and support for multiple time zones.


What does EPG mean on my TV?

EPG stands for Electronic Programme Guide. It’s an on-screen menu that tells you what TV and Radio programs are available on your television.

How does an EPG work?

An EPG functions using a straightforward yet effective method: it accumulates, arranges, and presents details about television shows systematically. The process goes as follows: Data Collection: EPGs compile data from a range of sources like broadcasters, content creators, and digital platforms.

Why is my TV not showing all the channels?

If you are experiencing picture break up or missing channels, your problem might be a reception problem and not due to interference. Therefore, you may just need to manually re-tune your television, this can often solve a number of common problems.

Final Thought

In the constantly changing landscape of TV entertainment, personalizing your viewing journey is crucial. ATVIPTV provides a diverse array of Electronic Program Guide (EPG) formats, encompassing Grid EPGs, Classic EPGs, and Normal EPGs. Through this guide, we aim to streamline the transition between these formats, enabling you to seamlessly explore your ATVIPTV experience.

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